Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Yellow Brick Road Winery

On a cool, crisp, sundrenched Saturday afternoon Suzanne and I stumbled upon a winery in a most unlikely spot in Texas. Situated on the southern outskirts of Sealy, south of I-10 and east of Texas 36, The Yellow Brick Road Winery has risen from an old, overgrown farm estate to become a popular new destination in the Sealy area.  This piano winery will surprise you with both high quality wines and remarkable entertainment.

Upon entering the tasting room, we first met Gerry Math, one of the co-owners.  With a friendly smile and engaging demeanor, he offered up an array of their wines and explained the winery’s history. While listening to Gerry’s fascinating story about how he and his partner, Denyce Treybig, started the winery, I soaked up the unique ambiance of the place. The interior of what was once a 1940’s era farmhouse has been transformed into a smartly designed tasting room with comfortable seating and a modern flair.  A black piano and beautiful cello stood in one corner of the room creating an invitation to stay for a while.

After a few wine tastings, Gerry ushered us over to the piano area and offered to play a few pieces. Once we heard the first melodic masterpiece he composed, we knew we were in for a treat. You see, Gerry is a four time Academy Award winning composer with 14 Academy nominations. His first piece was a classic from the movie Titanic. Then he played a piece from The Last of the Mohicans. Next, he impressed us with his violin talents. Suzanne and I were astounded! To be able to enjoy what seemed like a personal, up-close concert was amazing. With a sparkle in his eyes, Gerry continued the same fun loving attitude while he shared his musical gifts and wine with us. Through sharing his musical resume’ we learned that he composed music for Terms of Endearment, Forest Gump, Legends of the Fall, and Black Swan. He also performed in the orchestra for Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserable on Broadway.  In years past, he toured Europe and even performed in the Royal Albert Hall in London for one of the Queen’s birthday celebrations.  He recently completed music for Avatar 2 and he is currently working on music for an upcoming History Channel documentary on the evolution of musical styles.

Soon, the notes from his melodies drifted out into the countryside and lured other music lovers in from the mythical Yellow Brick Road outside to enjoy his wine offerings and music. Gerry entertained all of us with music and humor for hours. What an enjoyable afternoon!  A bit later, we were able to meet his partner Denyce, the vintner. She was as delightful to speak to as was Gerry. Her exuberance about the winery was quite evident. Suzanne and I learned more about their wines and future dreams for the winery.  Denyce’s ideas to make “The Yellow Brick Road” a destination for performing arts and great wine seems to be just what the Sealy area needs.

Since finding new wines was our original objective, I should share a couple of our favorites. Suzanne loved the Yellow Brick Road Red Wine vintage 2013 with its aged oak notes.  My favorite was the imported Sangue Di Giuda Dell’Oltrepo Pavese, an Italian light, sweet sparkling red wine.  I am sure Suzanne and I will be back soon to taste their new and old offerings and who knows, we might even stay for a little musical R&R. We hope you will make the Yellow Brick Road a Texas destination, too. As we left the winery with a couple of our favorite wines and smiles on our faces, we couldn’t believe how lucky we were to have found this wonderful oasis while seeing Texas Thru My Back Door!


  1. Are you sure he's an academy award winning composer?? He claimed to be the composer for titanic and that was James Horner....and the "academy award" he showed us (and we took a picture of) looked completely different than the statue pictured with award winners....I am not saying we did not have a good time but I really felt like I was being lied to

    1. Same here. I felt the same thing. It was like he claimed to be involved in every Oscar winning movie for the last 20 years. But I can't find his name on a single thing ... In fact, other than talking about the winery, I can't find his name on anything at all!

      We had a wonderful, and his is without a doubt a very talented musician. But I question the "Oscar" story. It would be sad to find out he's making up this story. He is entertaining enough... it would still be a wonderful experience without the tall tale. I just don't like to be conned.

  2. Sadly, I have to agree with you both. In Fredericksburg, the man has basically been "outed" for falsifying his tales of non-existent Oscars.