Tuesday, July 30, 2013

An Introduction

     The path to the backdoor is the road less traveled.  It’s the casual, warm and welcoming place where family and friends come to call.  This blog is the entrance for our family and friends to join us as we continue life’s adventure, learning new things, traveling to places both new and familiar, and finding hidden gems and treasures along the way.   

     Retirement has been a blast so far!  Now that both of us have retired, we have been having fun crisscrossing our state and enjoying everything Texas. From wine tastings in the hill country, to sampling local Texas-made cheeses, to locating the best tasting kolaches in the state, we have been on the go.  Many of our former co-workers seemed to think that we would quickly become bored and want to return to work.  Well, we will be disappointing them all because the truth is “We Love it!” The only downside to being retired is that we are so busy. In addition to our travels and catching up with friends and family, we’re fully engaged in building our Lake Livingston retirement home, which we’ve dubbed “The Sandy Creek Retreat”.  Our little piece of the Piney Woods will become our revolving door to the world that surrounds us.  We’ll share photos and stories from our travels, our favorite restaurants and recipes, and we’ll share our growing list of hobbies. Al will also share the interesting Texas history facts and legends he discovers as he researches his next two books. (By the way, if you are interesting in purchasing a signed copy of his first book – “The Second Coming-The Republic of Texas”, go to http://www.ajpetter.com/).

     We get the inspiration for many of our travels from news or magazine articles and from information Al uncovers in researching his books, but we’re also hoping to get ideas from all of you as well.  So please send us your comments and suggestions and join us by coming along … ‘Thru My Back Door’.