Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Buc-ee’s – Largest Convenience Travel Stores in Texas

The word is out. Beavers have been seen along a lot of our major highways here in Texas. If you do a lot of traveling in Texas you have seen their large dens full of activity, but don’t fear these beavers. They appear to be the friendliest beavers you’ll find! Of course, I’m talking about Buc-ee’s. This convenience store chain is taking Texas by storm.

       Suzanne and I decided to stop at their largest store in Texas (maybe the largest in the U.S.) on Interstate 35 in New Braunfels.  With 120 fuel pumps, 31 cash registers, 80 fountain dispensers and the largest, cleanest restrooms you’ll find in the world, how could you not stop for a break from your travels? There is something for everyone in this 68,000 sq ft facility. You will find the traditional foods and drink (including a selection of kolaches), gifts and housewares with Texas themes, toys, clothes, picnic supplies, and products catering to outdoorsmen. You can’t resist walking around and checking out all the different things for sale even if you had only stopped to go to the bathroom!

As well known as the stores themselves are the clever signs along the highways leading up to each of the locations. Some are pretty funny! Bucc-ee’s is planning to open their newest, largest convenience travel store soon in Texas City off Interstate 45 near Galveston. I bet this one will be even more amazing! As they say, “Everything is bigger in Texas!” and in this case I think they are right. So, if you are traveling around our great state of Texas and need a break from driving; stop in at one of the large Buc-ee’s and see Texas Thru My Back Door!

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  1. If you are a Buc-ee's fan, check out their new store near Texas City on the way down to Galveston.

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