Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Rainbow Lodge - A Relaxing Getaway in the City

With the hustle and bustle of Christmas over, it was time to slow down and smell the roses, or if you are a country boy like me, relax in a hunting/fishing lodge with a cold Shiner Bock. With this inspiration in mind, I searched Houston for my solution to the after holiday blues.

Luckily I found the perfect spot to take Suzanne for a night out, “The Rainbow Lodge”. To make our outing more fun, I didn’t tell her where we were headed, but just told her to dress up. On the evening of our dinner date, Suzanne looked stunning in her little black dress! I’m sure she was surprised to see me wearing a coat and tie, instead of my usual blue jeans, when we weren’t going to a wedding or funeral!

With mystery in the air, we drove off into the Houston night searching for our romantic rendezvous. As we reached our destination, we drove right up to the front door. Surveying the log cabin building, I knew I’d made a great choice. With Suzanne’s hand in mine, we entered the front door as if we were walking through a science fiction time portal. Outside the door was the boisterous metropolitan spirit of Houston, but inside was the peaceful, relaxing atmosphere of a hidden mountain lodge.

Before being seated at our table, we took time to view some of the antique fishing reels and outboard motors in the entrance area. Nearby was a cozy sitting area with a blazing fire beckoning all to come and sit for a spell. Soon we were seated at a linen covered table in a large log cabin room with wildlife trophies surrounding the perimeter and our waiter, Jeff, joined us. Not only did he explain the menu and daily specials, he told us about the history of the lodge and pointed out items of interest that he thought we should see before leaving for the evening.

While soaking up the ambiance of the beautiful room, we ordered our cocktails, wine for Suzanne and you guessed it, a Shiner Bock for me, and we reminisced about the wonderful Christmas we had with our children and grandson. Deciding what to eat when presented with so many intrigue possibilities is always challenging. We wanted to try as many of the unique offerings as we could. Dieting would have to wait for another time! First we tried the Smoke Duck Gumbo with Andouille Sausage & Wild Rice Pilaf and Southern Fried Quail on White Cheddar Grits with Bourbon Bacon Gravy. We were equally impressed with the flavors of both dishes!

Undaunted by the prospect of overeating once again this holiday season, we pushed forward to the main course. From the impressive list of seafood choices, to the meat & fowl and of course the wild game, we scanned our menus. Suzanne chose the Slow Roasted Duck on Saffron Jasmine Rice while I went for the Rainbow Trout and Fried Oysters. These plates were also fantastic! Splitting a Ginger Snap Cheesecake desert brought our dream dinner to a close.

After dinner, we walked hand in hand around the restaurant and admired each room’s elegant lodge d├ęcor. The Tied Fly Bar’s hand carved bar created by Vermont artist Bill Herrick in 1993 is a must see. We returned to the front desk area. One last time I turned to savor the image of The Rainbow Lodge. With that image embedded in my mind, I squeezed Suzanne’s hand and back through the time portal we ventured and out into the heavy traffic laden streets we traveled. If only for a short period, time had slowed down for a relaxing evening. It seemed all we could talk about was the great food and friendly staff we encountered. What a great way to see Texas Thru My Back Door!

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  1. U know a lawyer in Trinity area by name of Joe Bell? (My roommate. at UT in late 60's.)

    1. Thank you for the kind words regarding our story! We haven't met Joe Bell, but we'll certainly make a note of it if we do run into him.

  2. much enjoyed your review rainbow lodge, which is a couple of miles from our home in the heights.